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All-Organic, All-Natural Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Roxane French

One of our associates, Roxane, shares her nighttime skin care routine. She used all natural and organic products. Let's see what they are:

I dealt with a lot of skin issues in the past and tried a lot of commercial, expensive, products that were expected to address these problems: oily skin, dry patches, allergies, severe acne -  you name it. None of the products worked. Probably the reason why all these didn't work out for my skin is because they are loaded with toxic fillers that are too harsh and less than effective. 

I started switching my skin care routine to natural and organic products. I am also more religious in cleaning my face before I sleep. I noticed that I have less dry patches, less oil, and my acne was completely eliminated. Most of the products I used before had a lot of alcohol that stripped away the natural barriers of my skin. Natural oils, like jojoba, that are in most of organic cleansers and serums, are the closest to the human sebum; and the more I use it , the more it regulates my skin's sebum secretion. Those 2 reasons (less alcohol and less sebum) eliminated my acne all together. Right now, I am happy with how things worked out and I want to share with you what I use at night:


1) Good Night Oil by Living Libation - Anything that Living Libation makes are just of the highest quality with the outmost thought and purpose. It is on the pricey side, but it is worth the investment. I use Good Night Oil to take my make up off. I apply the oil and massage it on my skin until it dissolves all my make up. I then wipe them all off with a damp hemp cloth. 

2) Konjac sponge -  Konjac sponge is made out of a root of konjac plant. This squishy sponge is used as part of my cleansing routine to dislodge dirt, oil and the remaining make up. I used to brush my face with Clarisonic, but I found that these electric brushes are too abrasive and irritating to my skin. I switched to konjac sponge, as it is more gentle but can still draw out impurities because of the charcoal in the sponge. I first soak the sponge in warm water and put my cleanser on and apply it to my face,

3) Christian Moss Natural Organic Facial Wash -  I use this together with the Konjac sponge. This face wash is non-drying and very gentle. It is one of the few cleansers that I found that is 100% natural and it is strong enough to fight blemishes. 


4) Kiva Raw Manuka Honey UMF+15 - Aside from being a super food, I use raw manuka honey as a face mask. Honey, especially Manuka honey helps with moisturizing the skin and at the same time targets the root causes of acne. It is the most potent anti-bacterial and anti-inflamatory product you can put on your face . This kind of honey is sourced from the flowers of Manuka bush, a shrub that is related to the tea tree and is native to New Zealand. Depending on what my skin needs that moment, I mix manuka honey with different natural ingredients. I mix manuka honey with lemon juice if I want to exfoliate my skin. I mix it with cinnamon if I want to get rid of my blemishes or I mix it with tumeric or green algea for an anti-oxidant boost. I leave it on my skin for 5-10 mins and wash it with warm water. I do this once or twice as week. 

5) Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn Oil by Living Libation -  This is my holy grail product. It is versatile and effective. I use seabuckthorn oil as a cleanser, exfoliator and moisturizer. I cleanse my face again using this oil, after the Christopher Moss face wash, just to make sure there are no dirt nor make up left on my skin. Washing with oil sounds a little weird, but I find that this is the most effective and moisturizing way to clean my face, not to mention the added benefits of its ingredients like golden jojoba, grapefruit, lavender, coconut, tamanu berries. All these good essential oils norish, balance and protect my skin.


6) Organic Rose Water by Anthroposophe -  I cannot say enough how I love using rose water as a toner. I spray rose water on my face after cleansing, to prepare my skin for other products and get the most benefits from the serums and moisturizers. It also helps soothe my skin after exfoliating. 


7) Soothsayer Serum, Royal Rose CoQ10 Serum (not pictured) and Cell Serum (not pictured), all by Living Libation  - All have specific skin remedies, like cell rejuvenation, anti-aging and firming.


8) Seabuckthorn Oil and Rose Hip Seed Oil (not pictured) -  Both have a lot of essential fatty acids that are known to correct dark spots, reduce scars and fine lines, and hydrate the skin.

That's all folks

- Roxane