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About Us

Anthroposophe Limited Liability Co. was founded by a group of three like-minded friends who came from different far away places and decided to establish their work in San Francisco in September 2014.  It is a health and beauty brand focusing on health foods and skin care products that are organic, natural and plant-derived. The name Anthroposophe is from the word Anthroposophy, which is a philosophy that was developed by the German thinker, Rudolf Steiner. "It aims to develop faculties of perceptive imagination,  inspiration and intuition through a cultivation of a form of thinking independent of sensory experience." Steiner is also considered one of the founders of modern organic farming movement and biodynamic argriculture. 


We are Heidi, Roxane, and Jason and we've been good friends since we were wide-eyed teens - more than half our lives! We co-own Anthroposophe and we just want to personally thank you for visiting. 

We formed our company because we all had a common thought: we were not getting any younger and it was time to start taking better care of ourselves. We also realized that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we eat. This started our love for all-natural skin care products.

We started looking for organic products to use but we noticed that the so-called "natural" products out there weren't natural after all. (Roxane bought a pineapple face wash once that didn't even have any pineapple in it!)
Since there was a lack of options, and with the little savings in the bank,  we decided to make our own products - not just for own use, but so that other people can enjoy pure and honest products too. 

We are a small company that truly cares about your experience. We know just how hard it can be to find high quality, natural skin care products. We genuinely want you to be happy with what we've made. 

We would really appreciate your feedback, as this is what drives us to grow. If there are things that you feel we could improve on, write us back at and we'll personally address your concerns.

Once again, thank you for visiting our page. We hope you continue to love natural and organic products as much as we do!


Our sincerest thoughts,

Heidi, Roxane & Jason